Thursday, April 01, 2010

Clinical Thyroidologists: What we do for our patients.

In the last month in cooperation with filmmaker John Lynch, I have produced 5 2 minute videos to explain what a real clinical thyroidologist, who only see patients with thyroid disease or thyroid cancer does. The first one is an introduction to my center, and an example of the careful history and physical examination that still is the key to discovering the cause of the thyroid disease. The second is my clinical thyroid nuclear medicine section to evaluate toxic nodules, Graves disease, and cancer.The video is designed to explain why the thyroid expert is the best person to treat you, not the general nuclear medicine types who spend little time with thyroid patients. I can treat the cancer patients with radio-iodine as an outpatient. The hall mark of my center is the core thyroid lab, with excellent confirmed results for T4,T3,TSH,TPO Antibodies, Thyroglobulin, thyroglobulin antibodies,and Calcitonin. The Ultrasound section is top heavy with state of the art testing and treatment for nodules and cancer.We are one of the few centers to treat thyroid/parathyroid cysts,and cancer lymph nodes with ethanol. The thyroid cytology section is a leader in the field of alerting endocrinologist of the need to quality control the results of thyroid FNA,and surgical pathology results by general pathologists concerning their own private patients before subjecting them to surgery or radiation therapy. The videos are uploaded to my twitter site and blog.