Thursday, December 02, 2004

Does Deborah Norville have a Thyroid Goiter?

Deborah Norville Has a Thyroid Goiter! While watching MSNBC's news show with Deborah Norville, I was struck by the mass in the area of her thyroid in the midline. Does she know she has a thyroid problem? It was clearly moving up and down while she talked and swallowed. If you look at the neck of someone on TV, you may be able to see an enlarged thyroid or nodule. I have picked up goiters while watching TV, but not all the people were glad to hear from me about their problem. Several have come to see me for treatment. I do not know if she knows she has a goiter, but I will email MSNBC to tell her about my finding. In 1974, I was just starting my thyroid center, and still did not have my office built out, when watching a local news show, I noticed the anchor had a lump in her neck. I was excited to see if she knew about the lump. I called her. She was unaware of the thyroid problem. She wanted to see me right away. I had to use another physician's office for the examination. I did a needle biopsy. It was a pure cyst. She was very happy it was not cancer. Dr.G.

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