Tuesday, June 14, 2005

They Changed Your T4 Brand at the Pharmacy. What happens to your health?

A Pharmetrics study of 196 patients who were switched to a different T4 brand, but at the same dose. Prior to the switch, the titration blood studies confirmed they all had normal TSH.


1. 35% had a change of TSH of less than 0.5. This may not be important, unless the patient had cancer, were even that small change could stimulate cancer cell growth. Also T4 suppression therapy for goiters may be impacted.

2. 20% had a change of TSH of 0.5-1.0. Again not bad except for suppression or cancer therapy.

3. 17% had TSH change of 1.0-1.5. Again major impact of cancer and suppression. But could also impact hypothyroid therapy.

4. 5% had TSH changes of 1.5-2.0 Major impact on cancer, goiter suppression, and some on hypothyroidism.

5. However, the big news was that 25% had TSH changes of >2.0. This has a major impact on all types of thyroid hormone therapy.

Do not let them switch you, and if they do, demand another blood test within 6 weeks from your physician.It is mandated to re-test if switched by 6 weeks.
Switching T4 products may result in harm to the patient without retesting.

Patients must be pro-active to secure safe, effective thyroid hormone therapy.


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