Monday, February 13, 2006

The Thyroid Biopsy Report. Why it is a Big Problem for Those with a Nodule, or The Pathologists are either The Good, the Bad or the Ugly

When your doctor tells you the report from the thyroid biopsy was atypical, suspicious, and recommends a surgery, what do you do next? Well, the answer will not be, see a surgeon. Why not? Because the reading of your biopsy is a very difficult thing to do
well for pathologists. It is the hardest thing a pathologist has to do.

If it is hard, then why should you take the result as a fact. Maybe, the pathologist is not sure what you have, and covering his own a.. . Well, there are real thyroid cancer experts out there to help you out of this fix.

Do not consider the surgery recommendation by your doctor, until you get the slides
reviewed by an expert. The best way to assure yourself that the surgery is really needed, is to see a thyroidologist. He will review your slides and help you decide if surgery is needed. Check our website for one.

Remember, pathologists come in 3 distinct groups.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. you want the good ones only!

Your only chance to avoid unnecessary surgery, and complications, is to demand another opinion, before you put your neck on the line at surgery.

Make sure your nodule biopsy is reviewed by the first group, not the last two.

The best approach is to be a Doubting Thomas when they recommend surgery based on a report from pathologists that are trying to read slides from the thyroid gland, when they admit it is their toughest gland to get right.

Remember, 95% of nodules are not cancer, but the bad, and ugly pathologists will send many more for unnecessary surgery, because they do not understand thyroid cytology.


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