Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Return of TRH / Another Scam?

The TRH Stimulation test was the best way to look at accurate assessment of thyroid
function for 20 years. This was because the TSH was not accurate in the low range.
The TSH presently used by most labs,is able to read very low TSH values. I used TRH testing until the baseline TSH was able to replace the TRH Stimulation test. The TRH Stimulation Test is never used by experts anymore except for rare pituitary or hypothalmic disorders. There is no need for it now that it's value as a sensitive testing agent has been replaced by a newer, better baseline TSH.
The drug disappeared from sight. The Drug company that makes it does not even mention it on it's USA, or world website. The company is in the UK.

Mary Shomon of, in her article "The Return of TRH Stimulation Test", showcases a physician of unknown credentials, who states every physician needs to know how to do this test. Mary does not know that this test was found to be unnecessary in our modern world. TRH is similar to museum quality drugs such desicated thyroid. They have served their purpose well, but are outdated and not needed anymore.Please ask Mary, or the physician who wants to test you with TRH, why the drug company does not plaster ads all over the TV, with this exciting breakthrough! This is another example why smart patients will learn to live without reporting of this quality by MS.

Mary, as usual you are wrong again.

I will only comment on her site when she really tries to pull a fast one on thyroid patients.


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