Sunday, May 28, 2006

Parathyroid Adenoma Cured by FNA, not Surgery

47 Y/O female has biochemical hyperparathyroidism. She saw me for evaluation of a thyroid nodule. While doing the ultrasound with high frequency probe, a 10 mm mass was seen in the area of the upper pole parathyroid, posterior and medial to the thyroid on the left. The thyroid
gland had positive antibodies and a USGFNA biopsy of the thyroid nodule confirmed Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. The suspicious parathyroid mass on the left with central polor artery
seen on power Doppler, was biopsied and had a thyroid follicular neoplasia pattern. Microfollicular without background colloid. The PTH washing from the mass is pending, However, the Calcium before the biopsy was 10.5, and one hour post biopsy was 7.9. It appears that the biopsy has necrosed the adenoma. There are reports of this happening after a biopsy. There have been attempts to do this in elderly patients who are not surgucal candidates. One 90 Y/O had Calcium of 12.5 , and the thyroidologist spent a few extra passes to try to infarct the adenoma. The calcium dropped to normal, and stayed normal until she died from other causes. We will check my patient to see if the Calcium stays normal. Ethanol injection, which is so successful for thyroid cysts has not been able to cure parathyroid nadenomas.

What does it mean?

In some patients a biopsy of a suspect parathyroid adenoma, may cure them, rather than just locate the specific abnormal gland for the surgeon.

Come to see me to locate the adenoma before you have surgery.
We may, even if unlikely, cure you!


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