Friday, June 13, 2008

Beware of Compounding Pharmacy Thyroid Hormone Dispensing Errors

I do not use compounding pharmacy thyroid hormone for my patients. There are pure thyroid hormones made by companies such as Abbott, that makes Synthroid. Errors have been found with other medications from these pharmacies. Recently, errors have occurred when they have compounded thyroid hormone.
Case History:

46 Y/O male admitted the hospital with 22 pound weight loss,palpitations, but he did not have thyroid enlargement on physical exmination. He had a history of hypothyroidism, and had been taking thyroid hormone replacement therapy with Synthroid for 10 years. However, recently he changed physicians and the new PMD, switched him to compounded T4/T3 combination. Prior to the switch he had complained of fatique, but the first physician told him the thyroid tests were normal on his Synthroid. TSH was 1.5 N0.3-3.0. He sought a second opinion and that is when the new physician told him that he needed T3 along with the T4. 6 weeks later he was admitted. The thyroid tests were off the chart, T4 75 N 4-12, T3 1541 N 70-170. The pills were made in error, and had 11 times the dose per pill. The patient was treated in the hospital until the pulse rate was normal and discharged on beta blockers. He was clinically improved , had gained weight, and felt better by 3 weeks. Off thyroid he became hypothyroid. He was switched back on his old dose of Synthroid and the TSH was returned to normal. The pharmacy denied using that dose on any other patient. Well, why use them at all, when, safe commercially available pure thyroid hormones are available by Rx from your physician. Stay away from physicians that tout compounded hormones for treating your thyroid conditions.

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