Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Miscarriage in Women with excessive Thyroid Hormone Exposure

The damaging effects of excess thyroid hormone on the fetus, independent of the mother's hyperthyroid state was studied in a family with RTH ( Thyroid Hormone Resistence Syndrome).Female members of a family with RTH, had high T4,T3, and suppressed TSH exactly like any hyperthyroid patient, but were resistent and euthyroid.
36 couples were in the study.There was an increase in miscarriage in mothers with RTH, when the fetus did not have RTH. The unaffective non-RTH fetus was exposed to excess thyroid hormone, and miscarried more frequently than the RTH babies that did not feel the excess due to their resistence syndrome. The non-RTH fetus had lower birth weights as well. This neat study shows how pure fetal toxicosis can effect the outcome,when the mother is euthyroid due to resistence. The direct effect on the fetus is clearly seen in this study by Refetoff et al.
Please remember to be checked before and after conception to make sure the thyroid hormone dose is correct. Too much or too little thyroid hormone can have deleterious effects on the fetus.

JAMA 2004Nov 3;292917):2085-6 Anselmo,Cao,Karrison,Weiss,and Refetoff

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