Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Perchlorate in your drinking water. Can it harm your thyroid?

Solid rocket fuel contains perchorate, The ground water is contaminated with low levels. 10 California counties including L.A. county have leaked perchlorate into the aquifer, from chemical factories, and aerospace plants. L.A. has 138 wells with traces of perchlorate. Lettuce, and milk have traces of perchlorate as well.
Perchlorate can decrease the ability of the thyroid gland to uptake iodine. It has been used to slow down a hyperthyroid gland. However, studies on humans showed that, the level in our water is too low to effect the function of the thyroid gland. The report released today, by the National Research Council, places the acceptable levels in water below the level that may harm women with a thyroid problems, or iodine deficiency.The level would be about 2-6 ppb. They stated that perchlorate did pose a heath threat, in higher levels in drinking water, to the human thyroid gland, which controls the brain development in infancy. This "safe" level is much lower than that recommended by industry of about 200 ppb. They found no cancer risk from perchlorate.They studied 37 healthy adults. They received various doses of perchlorate in the tests.A good review of the effects of perchlorate on thyroid function is in Diseases of the Thyroid
2nd edition Louis Braverman MD editor page 320-322. 2003 Hunana Press, Totowa New Jersey


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