Saturday, September 03, 2005

Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer Claims Chief Justice Rehnquist

September 3, 2005, After a 10 month battle with the most
aggressive form of thyroid cancer, he has passed away at home. The patients with his cancer usually live 3-6 months, but he battled the cancer for 10 months. He swore in the president for a second term. He continued on the court , when lesser men would have resigned. In October, we in the thyroid medical field predicted he had this lethal form of thyroid cancer. He did not have his thyroid removed, but only had a a hole put into his air-pipe to breath. This was the major clue he did not have much time left. He was able to continue to vote on cases before the court, and with difficulty swore in President Bush. He lived to see his clerk, Roberts nominated to the court.
He outlived every one of my own cases of anaplastic thyroid cancer, by 4 months! He was a brave man with a mission, and even a thyroid death sentence did not stop him, from achieving his last goals. No matter what your political goals for the new court, we need to salute his brave, and classy exit.

Bravo to the Chief


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