Thursday, September 29, 2005

Recurrent Thyroid Cysts Surgery or PEI

The standard therapy for a benign recurrent thyroid cyst is to remove it at surgery.
However, there are now alternative therapies for recurrent symptomatic thyroid cysts.
The use of alcohol injection, called Percutaneous Ethanol Injection PEI, have been very effective alternative to thyroidectomy. A 5 year study from Italy of 58 patients with cysts found about 90% had volume reduction. Baseline Volume was 13.7 cc, Ethanol injected 7.3 cc.Volume after 5 years was 2.3 cc. There were only 2 recurrences.
PEI is offered at centers around the country. Check for one near you. Go in for an evaluatuion to see if you are a candidate for this alternative to surgery.


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