Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Rare Cure of Medullary Thyroid Cancer ???

This is a follow up of the patient with MCT, who had the best chance for cure.
After a 6 hour surgery, and total removal of the thyroid, central compartment nodes, and right and left neck node removal, he had a post op calcitonin on <2, N<2.
Is this a cure? Time will tell as there is 0.0-0.19 under the curve. I am hopeful his calcitonin will remain undetectable in the future. The surgeon operated for 6 hours to remove all the nodes and the thyroid gland. Yearly neck lymph node real time ultrasound, and calcitonin cancer marker testing will needed for years to finally answer the cure question.


See you next time on rounds at the Santa Monica thyroid Center.
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