Thursday, March 15, 2007

Seaweed Goiter, or How I Grew My Thyroid While Ingesting Large Amounts Kelp

50 Y/O F had a small nodule 6 years ago which was biopsied and told it was benign. She refused thyroid hormone suppression, and when it continued to grow, she even refused surgery. She treated the goiter nodule with her own home plan as suggested by the internet.If you have thyroid problems,it stated, take iodine supplements.She did that for the next 5 years as the nodular goiter continued to grow! She had multiple biopsies and she claimed that biopsies caused the goiter to grew. She finally saw me last week. She is euthyroid with a large bilateral goiter with her trachea moved to one side to make room for the larger right lobe. The US showed another big nodule on the other lobe. Now she needs to stop the iodine supplements, and Kelp, and have yet another biopsy of the new nodule.

What did she learn?

Iodine is not only not good for goiters in the USA, because we have enough iodine in our diet, but it can be down right harmful.

Do Not Take Iodine Supplements without being informed of the dangers if you have a goiter, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, or nodules.

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