Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Alcohol Injections for Toxic Nodule?

43 Y/O female with a long history of refusing surgery, or radioactive iodine for a toxic nodule, presents with information obtained from the internet, about alcohol injection to destroy her toxic nodule.She dose not want radioactive iodine or surgery.The mass is 5x4 cm in size.It is mostly solid. The TSH confirms hyperthyroidism, <0.01. I told her that her large non-cystic toxic nodule would probably be reduced in size with alcohol by 60%, but only 20% chance of a cure of her hyperthyroid state with a return a normal TSH. This is a poor form of therapy for solid toxic nodules. There is 100% success with surgery, or radioiodine in curing the hyperthyroid state,and reducing, or removing the toxic nodule.

It is vary hard for patients to read the medical journals, and plan a therapy course.
Most experts have given up using alcohol to treat solid nodules, and reserve it for cysts.Cyst therpy with alcohol,however, is very effective.


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