Saturday, April 16, 2005

Who Should Do Your Thyroid Surgery?

60,000 thyroidectomies were performed in the US in 2002.
This is the most common surgery done, even more than hernia repair! Remember the volume of cases per year is a key factor in short hospital stays, and a reduced complication rate for coronary bypass surgery, transplants, value repalcements, and pancreatic cancer surgery. Well, it also applies to thyroid cancer surgery. During 1991-1996, in Maryland, the high volume thyroid surgeons, had the best results! The one surgeon that did 346 thyroidectomies over 6 years, or 60 per year had the best results! Thyroid Vol.15 #3 p.185-187, 2005
The range of complication rates reported.
Permanent Nerve Damage 0%-14%
Permanent Parathyroid Damage 1.2-11%

Where do you want to be after surgery?
I would want to be in the 0% or 1.2 % group, who took the time to research the surgeon before letting them put me under their knives.

Many HMO's let any general surgeon, or ENT, or head and neck surgeon do thyroid surgery. Think twice before allowing this to happen to you.


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