Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What Happened to the Left Lobe of my Thyroid?

40 Y/O female presented with a right side 2.5 cm nodule felt by her internist.She was euthyroid, with normal TSH, negative TPO antibodies. A large mass was visible from across the room. The left lobe was not palpible. The ultrasound confirmed the presence of a complex cystic mass. However, when we looked at the left lobe it was absent!
She asked me what happened to her left lobe, if she did not have surgery? This is a rare congenital defect. total absence of the lobe, plus isthmus. This will not impact the overall thyroid problem, but if she needs surgery, to remove the right nodule and lobe, she will be rendered hypothyroid, and will need to take thyroid hormone.Her work up for the nodule was negative, and she was treated with thyroid hormone.


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