Friday, July 01, 2005

English Physician Diagnoses and Treats Hypothyroid Patients by Symptoms Alone. He Does Not Believe in TSH.

A private clinic in a large city in England treating 4000 patients
referred by GP's for hypothyroidism, by symptoms alone. The physician
felt blood tests failed to diagnose hypothyroidism. He had testimonials
of dramatic cures, including shedding wheelchairs, curing depression, and severe lethargy. He defended his methods saying you could not rely on T4, TSH testing.
The British Thyroid Association and the General Medical council, considered removing his certificate to practice medicine, but due to no fatal outcomes recorded, they allowed him to continue to practice, but with restrictions. He was not to accept
referrals from GP's that were not endocrine in nature. He was to inform the GP of the exact thyroid diagnosis, and thyroid therapy given. He also had to keep detailed records of all patients treated with thyroid hormone, who did not have modern thyroid testing proof, ie T4,TSH of hypothyroidism.

Beware of physicians who claim you are hypothyroid, when you present with symptoms, but
when your prior endocrinologist's testing results were normal. Check to see if his new tests are normal also. Treating by symptoms for hypothyroidism is wrong.
The thyroid tests are always abnormal before symptoms occur.

This physician, although they allowed him to continue practice, with careful supervision, is at risk to do harm in the furtue. This will not be the last we hear about this clinic.

Be Safe,
It is a jungle out there!


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