Friday, July 01, 2005

Ireland on Horseback: Sir Robert Graves, Here We Come

Well, it is the time of the year to get away from the
usual daily exposure to the many problems associated
with caring for thyroid patuents, and lay back and relax.
However, my 14 Y/O daughter A.J. is an eventer. That means she rides horses over fixed objects, such as stone fences, logs, and water holes. We are going to the land of Sir Robert Graves, one of the first physicians to describe the disease of hyperthyroidism. A.J. will be riding Irish Horses all across western Ireland, and will
then travel to Castle Leslie to jump 150 fixed sites in 5 days. Thyroid clinic is less stressful, than watching her, in a titanium helmut, and flack jacket, jump irsh stonewalls. However, because my wife is second generation 100% Irish, we will search for her roots in Donnigal,in Northwest Ireland, for the McMonigle homestead. We will also look in Killkenny for signs of the Delaney clan. I will research the exact location of the famous man who
has his name on one of my most common disorders, Graves' Disease, I see in my center. It should be fun, if all goes well with my little horse mad daughter. Delaney, my wife, and a private chef,, will get a few cooking tips from Darina Allen. She is the most famous chef in Ireland, and has a cooking school just outside of Cork. We will stay in the Red Room at Castle Leslie on the last night in Ireland.
This is for me. I am half Italian from Umbria Italy.The Red Room is decked out in rare items from Umbria.
Paul McCartney was married there to his second wife.
I will return on July 13, 2005. I will post a blog, if I find anything about Sir Robert Graves.


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