Monday, July 25, 2005

The Thyroid Home Page is First!

The Thyroid Home Page, the official website for Santa Monica Thyroid Center, was recently re-evaluated by a company that ranks websites by visitor traffic. They only rank the first 900,000 websites. Any lower ranking, is listed as "not ranked". was ranked first for pure thyroid websites at 156,000.
Only was ranked higher at 47,000, but it had wider draw as it included all of endocrinology. American Thyroid Association,, was ranked 195,000, or second. Thyroid Foundation of America was not ranked, nor was Stats were not available for , because it was part of a large corporation website, AACE website was ranked 164,000, but it was a general endocrine website. Canadian Thyroid Website, was ranked 322,000.

Even though may be googled at 2nd through the 5th position, it still is the most visited pure thyroid website.

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